About Us

Hall Public Relations

Founded in 1973, Hall PR has the distinction of being the second longest-serving public relations company in Ireland amongst those still in practice. Since then, we have worked in harmony with other leading PR companies in carrying the standard for Public Relations in Ireland and in helping to shape the good reputation that our industry enjoys. In this, we believe we have been an influential force and a good example of excellence.

We are a fit-for-purpose public relations firm – large enough to handle the big challenges yet small enough to be competitive whilst being free of the heavy overheads that push up client costs. Once described as ‘artisans’ in public relations, our guiding principle has been always to provide clients with sound advice, first-rate workmanship, high performance standards and a valuable return for their money.

From our office in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, we service a diverse range of clients, the majority of whom are internationally known and admired within their separate fields. Whilst being somewhat reserved in promoting our own good name, discretion and confidentiality are core values of Hall PR and our priority always has been to focus on the task of projecting our clients and pursuing the interests that they represent.

As one of the longest-established public relations companies in Ireland, we are in communion with our fellow PR firms in striving to protect the goodwill, reputation and respect upon which our trade depends. That said, we are not joined in any trade association formed to represent public relations consultants believing, as we do, that our reputation and credibility are best upheld by the good judgment, standards and support of those we represent, by the unblemished reputation we enjoy amongst those with whom we interact and have dealings, and by the ethical standards and quality of our workmanship.