Advocacy, Submissions & The Written Word

Hall PR - Advocacy, Submissions and the Written WordAdvocacy is an aspect of communications whose importance has increased in recent years.

In the face of change…as public opinion extends its influence and society reaches out to have its voice heard…those with interests to protect and ideas to advance have been drawn into advocacy in ever growing numbers.

Through the consultation process, EU, Government, State and other institutions regularly seek to gauge opinion by inviting interested parties to put forward points of view that could influence decision-making and shape future policy.

Often, stakeholders of various kind will find it necessary to engage in advocacy – whether to explain policy, solicit understanding, argue for change, exploit opportunity or fight their corner to protect a vital interest.

However their messages are communicated, the process inevitably begins with the need to write things down.

In paragraphs and pages…in sentences and sections, the writer’s task will be to assemble arguments in words that are creative and persuasive which, when read, will deliver a convincing message to the reader.

Usually, this process calls for the preparation of a submission – a document that will transport the message one wishes to convey into the minds, if not the hearts, of readers.

A good submission is one that achieves that goal. A really good submission is one that achieves it from the very first sentence.

The Hall Company has years of experience in preparing submissions that are clear, concise and composed in language that is simple, effective and easy to understand, free of terms familiar only to insiders.

Always mindful of the goal, a good writer will choose content that counts and set aside that which doesn’t whilst always scanning text subconsciously for its persuasiveness and political effectiveness.

We have an impressive background in this field. On countless occasions and in numerous environments, we have done the work described and achieved the goals our clients set.

Then, when all is done, we can add value by offering advice on how the message might be presented and news of it communicated to a wider audience – a melding of the writer’s craft and PR person’s skill.