Hall PR: We Never Promise

“You guys never promise anything…but you always over-deliver.”

These are the words used by one satisfied client to describe the service she and her company get from Hall PR.

While we don’t seek tributes, or canvass testimonials, it is always gratifying to know that we have the confidence of those we represent…even if we don’t make promises!

Hall PR – In the limelight

Limelight is not something to which we are accustomed, believing as we do that it is our clients who should enjoy the plaudits.

Little wonder, therefore, that we blush when viewing this YouTube video (above) filmed at a recent European Cyber Threat Summit conference held in Dublin City University.

At it, our work in the field of crisis management and planning was recognised with the presentation of the award ICTTF ‘Cyber PR Experts of the Year 2017’.

Presented by conference organiser, cyber security expert and President of the International Cyber Threat Task Force, Paul C. Dwyer (seen speaking), it recognised what he termed our ‘outstanding contribution to developing cyber PR guidance’.

Part of this work included the preparation of handbooks written for the guidance of clients whose activities could leave them exposed to such threats.

At the Dublin City University event, attended by some one thousand delegates, Hall PR founder Don Hall participated in a Q&A session on the subject chaired by RTE presenter, Miriam O’Callaghan.

PR – The answer to so many questions

PR is magnificently challenging in terms of the situations it throws up for which solutions are sought, and hugely varied in terms of the problems it can be asked to resolve.

In delivering job satisfaction, it can be wonderfully creative in terms of the opportunities it offers to be imaginative, inventive and strategic, and wholly rewarding in terms of the enjoyment and satisfaction it brings when executed well.

These and more are amongst the benefits one gets from a career in PR. If it has a health-giving dimension, it surely arises from the fact that no two days will ever be the same, nor will boredom or routine ever come as options. In that regard, PR is a career that promises physical and mental stimulation, sufficient to ensure that the successful practitioner will have little time to focus inwards in a manner that could be damaging to wellbeing.

Hugely relevant in today’s world – given all of the pressure for information and answers emanating from a 24/7 media and a curious and demanding public – the service that PR performs is likely to be in demand well into the future. Consequently, for those young people in search of a career that offers the prospect of long-term employment, PR should feature in the frame.

In government and politics…in offices of state…in the public sector generally…in commercial, professional and voluntary enterprises…in agriculture, food cultivation and production…in charities, medicine, health care and not-for-profit undertakings…in sport…in religious and church affairs…in security and policing…and in other walks of life too numerous to mention, the importance of PR is recognised and held in high regard.

Some of the skills and talents that would benefit anyone pursuing a career in PR would be an enquiring and questioning mind and doggedness when gathering fact and information. Important also would be a facility for scepticism, a talent for judging, both the ‘upside’ and the ‘downside’, a courage to speak out and give advice and caution, and an ability to be a true devil’s advocate, by seeing and sometimes judging situations as others might.

It is qualities like these that help the PR person to [metaphorically] ‘walk around’ a problem, to envisage situations and outcomes, to think through scenarios and to plot a course before finally deciding on the approach to take.

Beyond that, one must have a love of words – a craving to write, whether in statements for media consumption, speeches, reports, scripts or presentations. Beneficial too are organisational skills, a talent for abstract thinking and an ability to conceptualise – to ‘see’ things in theory, to envisage outcomes, and to be creative and ‘think outside the box’ when planning strategy and designing programmes.

PR – without it, where would life’s little questions go to be answered? Where would opportunity go to find expression? Where would those who understand it, and who strain to work in it, go to find an outlet for their talents?

While education and study have their purpose, they will not suffice to prepare one for a career in PR. In every sense, it is a ‘learned’ discipline. Only through on-the-job experience can one build up the fund of knowledge and experience that will inform performance going forward. And, such is the level of change taking place in society today, it is a poor practitioner who will not learn something new almost every day.

Those keen to pursue a career in PR would be advised to consult the Public Relations Institute of Ireland regarding courses available or to interact with practitioners who are prominent and active in the trade.

Hall PR: wishing Aoife ‘a fair wind and a following sea’

Howth Sailing Club’s Aoife Hopkins is one of Ireland’s most talented young sailors.

Competing in the Laser Radial class, 19-year-old Aoife has embarked on an intensive campaign of competitions and training, her goal being to represent Ireland at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Supported by Mercedes-Benz, Aoife has been supplied with a deluxe Vito Mixto personnel transport van to convey her, her back-up team, dinghy, sails and equipment on their vigorous qualifying campaign.

Hall PR joins with Mercedes-Benz in wishing Aoife a ‘fair wind and a following sea’.

There to oversee the communications process and extend our best wishes to Aoife as she took delivery of her new Vito was Hall PR director, Ashley Hall.

Hall PR’s Global Role

Side elevation of Irish Ferries proposed new €165.2 million cruise ferry

Representing Irish Ferries and its parent, Irish Continental Group plc., Hall PR has a global role, that being to serve an international community of broadcasters, news media and publications interested in staying abreast of the work being done by this very successful, multi-faceted Irish shipping, tourism and transport enterprise.

Latest initiative to attract worldwide media attention – requiring Hall PR to interface with journalists of various nationalities – is the news that Irish Ferries has commissioned yet another new cruise ferry, for delivery in 2020 – a vessel that, when completed, will be the largest of its kind in the world in terms of its vehicle carrying capacity.

Being built for service on the busy Dublin – Holyhead route (and due here two years after the current new-build W. B. Yeats arrives this Summer), the (estimated) 67,300 tonnes vessel will accommodate 1,800 passengers and crew. It will have 152 cabins and 5,610 freight lane metres with room for 330 trucks or 1,500 passenger cars.

Those who enjoy luxury transport can look forward to passenger facilities, spread over three decks that will include a superb choice of bars, á la carte and self-service restaurants and premium Club Class facilities with private access direct from the vehicle decks.

A choice of state-of-the-art entertainment options and cinemas, dedicated facilities for freight drivers, as well as many retail outlets will ensure that all passengers will be comfortable and engaged throughout their journey.

‘Social Media – Be Careful, Be Very Careful’ Hall PR says

In its various forms, social media is sweeping the world. Across all walks of life, users have become attracted to the impact it can have, and to its immediacy and global reach.

Mindful that it is not a private medium – and that everything said on social media is likely to be monitored and recorded by someone, somewhere, for whatever purpose – and conscious also that it is not as anonymous as people think, Hall PR advises advocates to be careful, very careful, before rushing to broadcast their comments and opinions.

Inspired by others whose concern mirrors that of our own, we have posted guidelines that we recommend social media aficionados read. See them published on the Opinion page of this website.


Social Media – the communications platform of which even Presidents should be careful

Brought into sharp focus by certain high-profile figures, and the bandwagon of recent public controversies and debates, social media is under a spotlight as never before.

In its most acceptable form, this new communications platform offers tremendous opportunity for groups and individuals to engage creatively and positively with each other.

Yet, those who look to it in seeking to foster healthy and active online engagement (whilst helping to manage risks and prevent misuse) would be advised to take note of the following recently published guidelines.

They advise all concerned to exercise courtesy and responsibility at all times when using social media. More pointedly, they recommend that we ask the following questions of ourselves when preparing to post a comment or image:

Would the content of my message breach a confidence?

Would I want my family and friends to read it?

Would I want to see it published on the front page of a major newspaper?

Would I speak its content from a public platform, or write it in a letter, broadcast it on radio or television, or include it in a circular, newsletter or some other medium?

Will it be damaging to my own good name and reputation or cause anyone to think less of me?

Does what I am writing reflect a compassion worthy of the person I am, or would like others to believe I am?

Where it might concern a disagreement, have I tried to resolve it privately beforehand or could its publication only deepen the dispute?

Is it something I would be happy that my boss would read or have it brought to the notice of a prospective employer?

Will it break the laws of the land or offend against public decency and good taste?

Is it something that would withstand investigation in a court of law or in a police station, or survive questioning by a slick lawyer acting on behalf of an aggrieved client?

If written on the spur-of-the-moment – inspired by some fleeting incident, utterance or occurrence – pause and ask if I should set it aside and let my emotions subside before posting?

Does it paint an accurate picture of me and is it something I would like to add to my public profile, now and forever?

Social media can be a wonderful medium when used well.  However, it is a wise person who exercises good judgement about what he or she is saying on it, how and why it is being said, and to whom it is being said.

Social media posts are public property, not restricted to the person to whom they are addressed but available to be rebroadcasted by others.

Remembering that they can travel across the globe within seconds – and that misunderstandings can quite easily and very quickly occur – before posting a comment or image on social media, be advised to pause and consider the tone of the conversation you are joining, and whether it is appropriate to participate.


Hall PR – Ireland’s Cyber PR Experts

It is hugely pleasing, and a little humbling, when the work one does in a particular field is recognised and viewed as valuable.

Cyber Security, and matters relating to crisis management in general, is an area in which Hall PR has done considerable work. As can be seen elsewhere on this website, part of Hall PR’s contribution is seen in handbooks written for the guidance of clients preparing to handle and face down such occurrences.

At a European Cyber Threat Summit attended by over one thousand delegates at Dublin City University recently, Ireland’s cyber security guru and president of the International Cyber Threat Task Force, Paul C. Dwyer honoured Hall PR when presenting us with the ICTTF ‘Cyber PR Experts of the Year 2017’ award in recognition of our ‘outstanding contribution to developing Cyber PR guidance’.

Hall PR’s Don Hall, takes part in a panel discussion at the Cyber Threat Summit 2017

Hall PR – Experienced in product launches, literally

At 55,000 tonnes and costing €144m to build…the launch of this magnificent new Irish Ferries cruise ferry is in a league of its own.

When it enters service in mid-2018, it will be the largest and most luxurious ferry to sail on the Irish Sea, with space for 1,885 passengers and crew, 440 cabins including luxury suites with their own private balconies, and almost 3km of car deck space.

Hall PR is proud to represent Irish Ferries and to have the responsibility of managing all PR functions surrounding its commissioning, construction, launching, arrival into Dublin and introduction on services between Ireland, UK and France.

As new product launches go, there can be few to equal it in terms of the PR challenge it presents. Requiring skilful planning, focus, imagination, application and dedicated execution over a two years plus duration, the task facing Hall is to work with Irish Ferries management in creating public awareness and anticipation ahead of its launch and arrival into Ireland.

Working on that project are Hall PR staffers Maximilien McKenna and Ashley Hall, seen holding a picture of the new vessel.

Hall PR – Too good to be true

In 1967, Ireland was swinging to the sound of US vocalist Frankie Valli singing his hit song ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’.

And what an appropriate anthem it was for, elsewhere, truckers couldn’t take their eyes off another object that, by general agreement at the time, also merited ‘too good to be true’ admiration.

Forging Mercedes-Benz’s advance into Ireland was the legendary ‘bull nose’ model 1418 (right), arguably one of the most iconic trucks ever to run on Irish roads and the forerunner for all that was to follow.

That was 50 years ago. Since then, Mercedes-Benz heavy commercials have been the workhorses-of-choice for hauliers, exporters and distributors moving goods near and far to power Ireland’s economic development – models like International Truck of the Year winners Actros (left) and Atego.

Pictured at an event to mark this 50th anniversary were two who never take their eyes off Mercedes-Benz – Hall PR directors Don and Ashley Hall


Hall PR – an ‘attentive presence’ in Business and Financial PR

An important aspect of the work we do is in the field of Business and Financial public relations. We represent PLC companies, local subsidiaries of overseas listed companies, successful private companies and their enterprising owners – businesses and individuals whose activities are of genuine interest to financial and business writers.

It’s work we approach in a discreet, confidential and determined way – our obligation being to be a genuine and effective bridge between our clients and that body of writers whose valid interests and genuine information needs must be acknowledged and responded to in a manner consistent with the interests and obligations of those we represent.

It’s work that places great responsibility upon us, as this picture of Hall PR director, Don Hall, maintaining an attentive presence at a recent client AGM briefing shows.

There is the responsibility to be sound in the advice, guidance and support we provide. There is the requirement to be sure-footed when managing client interaction with media. There is the obligation to be careful when choosing words and crafting statements.

In all of these, there is the advice that we be mindful always of regulatory requirements and of the truism that words and statements, once transmitted, can have a profound and influential impact.

Hall PR with the S-Class People

Fashionistas came in numbers to lunch in Luttrellstown Castle recently when Mercedes-Benz and Ireland’s leading fashion designer, Louise Kennedy, joined together for an exclusive presentation of her magnificent Louise Kennedy Spring / Summer 2017 collection.

With elegance and grace, models moved amongst an appreciative and influential audience of Mercedes-Benz lady owners to reveal a close-up view of the fabrics, designs, craftwork and style that is so much a part of every Louise Kennedy creation and to hear her unique views on all matters pertaining to her work and the success she and her collections enjoy here, in the UK, USA and worldwide.

There to catch their eye as guests made their way towards the red-carpeted castle entrance was a display of the very latest new model arrivals from Mercedes-Benz – a range that includes the stunningly elegant new E-Class Coupé and the stylish, top-of-the-range S-Class Cabriolet (pictured).

With Louise, as they admire what is surely the pinnacle of elegance and style for the many who delight in open-top motoring, is Hall PR director, Ashley Hall.

Hall PR – Facing life in a post-Brexit world

Britain should not be leaving the EU. Neither should the EU have allowed itself grow into the kind of body that the British would wish to leave.

In football parlance, is Britain acting like a petulant player, obsessed with an over-blown notion of his own value? Or, more ominously, has EU management lost dressing room support?

These are questions Hall PR poses in a text that addresses questions facing Ireland in a post-Brexit world which we publish here in the Opinion section of this website.


Brexit : Questions

Could the British decision to leave the EU be the best one they’ve ever made? Alternatively, could it herald in an era which they will live to bitterly regret?

For those who view Brexit in a positive light, will it deliver the opportunities in employment, in exports, in savings, in economic growth and prosperity that many hope and anticipate it will?

After decades spent, confined under the shelter of an EU umbrella, could Brexit prove to be the stimulus that Britain seeks to get it moving in a positive direction? It’s a thought that few are willing to endorse, one that fewer still seem willing to believe.

But what if it turns out to be true?

What if Britain does come alive, free of the constraints that EU membership imposes? What consequences would such an outcome have for Ireland?

From Ireland’s viewpoint, what if post-Brexit Britain flourishes in its newfound freedom? More importantly, what if its path to progress leads it to conclude trade deals with countries for goods and services we currently supply?

Is Britain about to attend a party at which Ireland too should be a distinguished guest, but whose name does not appear on the invitation list?

Are we prepared for this possibility and any outcome that might follow from it?


In the way that balm is designed to soothe, we are assured that matters are in hand; that Ministers are hard at work; that Ireland has lots of friends in Europe; and that ours is a country that punches well above its weight around the EU table.

But, dare we place our faith in such assurances?

With Britain’s train now about to leave the EU station, departing for a destination that some believe should be ours also, will we be able, on our own, to plan a successful future for ourselves if Britain’s doors are no longer open to us in the way they once were?

Alone, as the only remaining English speaking nation, will we be able to protect and promote Ireland’s interests surrounded, as we will be, by a diverse group of foreign nations with which we have so little in common, historically, culturally and linguistically?

If one believes that Ireland’s long-term interests are best served by staying close to Britain; by not allowing too big a gap to grow between us; have we placed ourselves in a good position or is there lots more work that we should do?

If it is their priority to agree new trade deals with the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, other Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth countries, should we be travelling alongside them on that path?

Knowing that Britain is our single largest trading partner, how might our interest be best served by not staying close to them? For the interest of Ministers and other opinion formers, there are actions we might profitably consider:

We should voice friendly words of understanding and best wishes for the action they are taking – words of a kind one would expect to receive from a friendly neighbour.

We should appoint a top notch (all-party) group of negotiators and open high level discussions with Britain concerning our shared future interests rather than wait for any EU bureaucrat to do our work for us.

We should make clear our desire to maintain an even closer relationship with them, even by concluding an overarching Anglo Irish Agreement that would take account of our new situation – one that would embrace our wider sphere of interests and transcend any that our EU membership would permit us to make.

We should reveal our interest in being party to any North Atlantic trading arrangement as might be agreed.

Mindful of a view once expressed by a leading member of Dáil Éireann: that Ireland should consider rejoining the Commonwealth, we should seek to develop deeper trading links with countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India, and those numerous African, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Central and South American nations where the need exists for products and services that Ireland and Britain could so well provide.


Contrary to popular opinion, many are of the view that a brave new world exists beyond the EU – one that Britain will soon have the motivation to explore. Were Ireland to become so minded, would our future interests be best served by seeking to accompany them on their journey by whatever means can be agreed?

It’s a question for which we have little more than one year to find an answer.


Hall PR – Overcome by ‘art attack’

Hall PR director Ashley Hall (pictured) found himself overcome by an ‘art attack’ when viewing what he termed ‘the exceptionally high standard of entries’ submitted in this year’s 63rd Texaco Children’s Art Competition. Hall PR was present to view the entries as part of our remit to provide public relations support services to the Competition.


Hall PR – Just the job

When it comes to finding the right people for the job, we take our hat off to namesake firm and leading recruitment specialists, Hall Recruitment.

When preparing to put themselves forward at a recent client conference-cum-exhibition, they (Hall Recruitment) asked us (Hall PR) to advise on the message we thought they should be putting across.

As they hoped we would, we told them precisely what we thought of them, and what we had in mind that they should do.

We said they were: ‘The Best People in a People Business’.

And aren’t they just? After all, who but the ‘best people’ would have picked Hall PR as the best people to tackle the job they needed done?

Hall PR – Sponsors next generation of ‘League Leaders’

Hall PR sponsors Swords Manor FCIn the field of junior football, North Dublin club, Swords Manor Football Club, is one to be admired.

Representing what is one of Ireland’s largest and fastest growing communities, Swords Manor FC is a proud standard bearer, whose club jerseys reflect the ‘true-blue’ nature of its young players and coaching staff.

In recognition of the club’s achievements – and in support of the ideal that young people would be encouraged to engage in healthy, open-air activity – Hall PR has stepped forward as jersey sponsor for their talented Under-8 squad.

Under the guidance of head coach, Liam Fulham and assistant coaches, Julian O’Brien and Ashley Hall, the young players are aiming to build on their 2016 successes, finishing third in the league at their first attempt.

Their goal this year: also, to be ‘league leaders at what we do’.

Hall PR – Proud of Annalise’s success

Annalise will once again benefit from the support of Mercedes-Benz in IrelandHall PR shared in the sense of pride felt by every Irish sports fan seeing Laser Radial competitor Annalise Murphy win a silver medal for Ireland at the recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Like fellow silver medalists, Skibbereen rowers Gary and Paul O’Donovan, Annalise displayed skill, dedication and determination, bringing glory to Ireland and honour and distinction to herself and her family, her club, and her countless admirers and supporters, at home and abroad.

As she prepares for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Annalise will once again benefit from the support of Mercedes-Benz in Ireland.

As part of their Tier One partnership, Mercedes-Benz will be the only vehicle manufacturer supporting Annalise’s bid for further Olympic glory.

There to wish her well as she took delivery of a new Vito Mixto van for use transporting her team, herself and her equipment to events, in Ireland and overseas, was Hall PR director, Ashley Hall.


Mercedes-Benz Wins The Treble

Hall PR is proud to be part of an award winning team.

As PR representatives for Mercedes-Benz in Ireland, we share in their delight at being honoured with three highly prized awards – two best-in-category awards plus the coveted ‘Irish Car of the Year’ title – at the recent Irish Car of the Year 2017 awards ceremony, held in association with Continental Tyres.

Following a rigorous assessment of each car carried out by members of the Irish motoring press, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé was voted winner in the Medium Car category.

Joining the C-Class Coupé in the category winners’ enclosure was the Mercedes-Benz E-Class voted top in the Large Car category.

But the good news didn’t stop there. To the delight of all present, the E-Class was further honoured by taking the ‘Irish Car of the Year’ award – presented annually to the car that, in the opinion of these expert writers, is considered the best to arrive on the Irish market over each of the last 30 years.

At the gala awards dinner held in Powerscourt Hotel, Enniskerry, Hall PR director, Ashley Hall was pictured proudly holding the Continental ‘Irish Car of the Year’ trophy and the two best-in-class category awards.

Guiding Stars

As PR representatives for Michelin in Ireland, Hall PR joins in congratulating all those Irish restaurants, pubs and fine dining establishments whose excellence is recognised in recently published Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland and Michelin ‘Eating Out In Pubs’ Guide.

Our work in bringing news of their success to national attention forms part of the mosaic of communications employed by Michelin to provide guidance for discerning diners and publicise the success of each listing.