Reputation – The Most Valuable Asset

Reputation – The Most Valuable Asset

Reputation is a most valuable asset.

It takes time to build up and no time at all to demolish.

It is the product of careful management, good judgment and skilful handling.

The process of managing reputation, of nurturing it and protecting it, is one that requires careful thought and correct planning.

It is a long-term process that continues throughout the lifetime of a business, even as conditions and circumstances change.

It must be pursued with an eye on results and be subject to continuous review.

It must be managed by persons of good judgment with the knowledge, authority and influence that comes with experience.

When managed correctly, it can be the key that will help a business prosper in so many different and important ways.


Choosing Your PR Partner

Choosing your Public Relations partner

Just as choosing a life partner is not an easy process, choosing a professional partner who will manage corporate reputation is no less difficult.

And, as with all long-term relationships, trust should be the bedrock on which that relationship is based.

For more than 40 years we in Hall PR have understood the importance of earning trust. Our reputation and our business have depended on it.

We are committed to understanding client needs and to helping them fulfill their long-term goals in the most effective way.

That’s why, every day and in every way, we’ve striven to build strong relationships and to earn that trust while achieve exceptional results for our clients.


Understanding Starts With Listening

Understanding Starts With Listening - HAll PRAt Hall PR, we listen first and advise second.

Because every client relationship begins with a conversation, we listen so we can develop a genuine understanding of a client’s business.

We identify the key elements that make each business strong, the factors that shape opinion and influence perception in their field.

From this analysis, the goals and objectives that one hopes to reach should become clear.

From that point, we will then create a blueprint and write the plan that, when implemented, will deliver the results we had striven to achieve.

Listening is an essential element in effective PR plan building.

And listening means more than simply hearing what is said. It includes the process of investigation, research and enquiry.

This means asking questions and getting answers. It includes conversations with third parties and, where necessary, the process of gaining knowledge from industry insiders and influential intermediaries.

Without it, no plan can be successful.


‘Nothing that you have is just an account’

Nothing that you have is just an account’ ‘Nothing that you have is just an account

These are not our words. They are the words of a Hall PR client of long standing.

The lady who voiced them was expressing her opinion of the type of firm ours is. She was describing one of the characteristics that, in her opinion, distinguishes Hall PR from other firms.

She was referring to the level of interest we take in client issues and the extent to which we become immersed in their affairs.

She was alluding to the degree to which we become true allies, active in writing plans and taking action, and the lengths to which we go in helping to achieve the results our clients want.

At Hall PR, there’s no such thing as delegation. Every client has equal access to the very best advice the firm can give. All are serviced with the same enthusiasm and to the same level of dedication and efficiency.

There is no line down which responsibility is passed…no ranking that makes one client more important than another.

Our desire to serve all equally, and to the very best of our ability, is the quality that gives expression to the view that nothing that we have is just an account.


Sponsorship – No place for fans and Cheerleaders

HAll PR - SponsorshipsThe Dos and Don’ts of making the right decisions

You’re in your office. You’re minding your own business. The last things on your mind are the one hundred and one things in which you have little or no interest.

Then, a slick talker arrives and asks to see you. He’s come to interest you in what he thinks is ‘a magnificent new opportunity’ for your company.

Because your role includes PR, you wouldn’t want to miss having first crack at ‘a magnificent new opportunity.’ So, you agree to grant an audience.

Before you know it, this angel of mercy is pacing around your office, radiating smiles as charts are flipped and high definition visuals are projected across your office wall.

From all directions, your ears are filled with switch-on words and phrases – like exciting and exclusive sponsorship opportunity that will ’attract families’ and ’appeal to the youth market’ with potential for ’extensive media coverage’ and the bonus of great ’client entertaining opportunities’ as you would expect from a ‘proposal for the future’ which you are being given the chance to get in on ‘on the ground floor.’

As the pitch continues, you feel a sense of excitement building. You feel flattered at being given first refusal, flattered that you’ve been seen as a person who can make the BIG decision.

Then, without you being aware of it, this smooth talking sponsorship salesman will have wrought an incredible transformation. He will have converted you into a fan of something you had hardly ever thought of until minutes before, something that has now become the most exciting and urgent matter on your desk.

Suddenly, you cannot wait to be alone to tell your boss about the privilege that has bestowed upon your company.

Like a nimble fingered pickpocket, the smooth talking sponsorship peddler has robbed you blind – by pocketing your analytical ability, neutralising your critical faculty and blunting your impartiality.

Imperceptibly, you become aware that things have changed. No longer your usual independent, hard-nosed self, you have become an enthusiast…a fan…a devotee…whose mind is filled with the sounds and signs of a sponsorship arena…in which you see yourself sitting munching popcorn…and peering over hoardings that bear your company’s logo and for which you will have approved a hefty fee.

There is a moral to this story: When evaluating a sponsorship pitch…


–       With a cool, calm, objectivity…examine the proposal, inside and out and inside again.

–       Determine what it is you want to get from the project. Identify all of the payback possibilities and angles…

then add some more.

–       Be calculating in examining the value-for-money aspects.

–       Pinpoint all possible spin-off opportunities… and don’t be afraid to ask for more.

–       Factor in the additional costs you will have to bear to fully exploit the opportunity the sponsorship offers to link your business to it in a prominent and lasting way.

–       Consider the demands you must make to safeguard exclusivity. If sharing limelight with other sponsors, be strict in identifying the measures you must be put in place to ring fence your position.

–       Remember too: In extracting value from a sponsorship proposal, you will never be in a stronger negotiating position than at the start…before the handshakes are exchanged.

And, when the ‘Is’ are dotted and the’Ts’ crossed…

–       Write everything down and enshrine it in a signed agreement that you will exchange with the sponsored organisation.

–       In this agreement, you will spell out your sponsorship rights and entitlements.

–       You will stipulate the period over which the sponsorship will run…your options, entitlements, and obligations.

–       You will spell out your expectation in relation to goodwill, cooperation and other intangibles that underpin any successful relationship.

–       You will provide for staged payments linked to performance goals and include escape provisions that might be invoked if objectives are not being met.

And, if at the end of the day, you cannot square the circle…or you find yourself being asked to make compromises and adjustments that do not square with your objectives…don’t be afraid to walk away.

Better that your face would take a little splash of egg than it would become obscured by the whole omelette at a later stage!

Privacy – Our Greatest Asset

Increasingly, one is becoming conscious of how valuable an asset our privacy is. Yet, in this modern world of communications, one cannot but be alarmed at how easily we yield up information that undermines (and undervalues) the importance we should attach to this matter.

In a headlong rush to become ‘followers’ and ‘friends’, one is startled to see how otherwise sensible and sober people are voluntarily relinquishing facts and information about themselves – and expressing views and opinions – that they might later wish they had kept safely under wraps. This is the world of hashtags, emojis, snapchats and selfies – a world in which the quest for popularity and self-expression knows no bounds.

In its simplest form, an e-mail address would appear to be a most sought after piece of personal information. In almost every piece of documentation, in every form of registration, an email address is included amongst the information that is being sought.

In order to conduct trade successfully, it is necessary for firms in the PR sector to build up banks of names and addresses (including email addresses) of media persons to whom press releases and other news and information must be sent. In this regard, there is a mutuality of interest that must be served: ours to issue the information to those concerned and theirs to receive it, safe and sound and at the correct time.

Mindful of the considerations expressed above, one is inevitably conscious of the great responsibility that the collection and retention of such information presents. In certain cases – depending on the nature of one’s trade – it may include a requirement to hold passport details, driving licence or even details of one’s medical condition.

Being aware of regulations that exist under data protection and those applying under intellectual property legislation, we, in Hall PR, have made it our business steadfastly to refuse ever to transfer or in any manner trade such information with any third party.

Only in that manner can we be sure to protect the boundaries of privacy that those who furnish us with such information might expect whilst doing what we think is right in relation to the laws that those who govern us have laid down.

Hall PR – Irish with an international outlook

Hall is an Irish PR consultancy with a distinctly international outlook.

Flying the flags of the many clients and products that we represent, one sees how truly global our interests are.

So, if you’re seeking a PR firm whose vision goes beyond the horizon, the good news is: you’ve found us!

FlagsIrish PR consultancy






Czech Republic






Political lobbying

Hall PR - Political LobbyingPolitical lobbying is an activity in which some PR firms engage.

Hall PR is not one!

Similarly, one reads press reports of ministers and politicians who hire PR firms to shape their image.

Hall PR is not one!

While we have admired many politicians over time, and enjoyed close friendship with a few, commercially Hall PR has taken a position never to take a politician as a client and never to take fees to talk to them.

But that won’t stop us from admiring them, nor will it stop us from giving our advice or telling them what we think from time to time…but always voluntarily!


Bankers won’t admit it, but they do it

Bankers won’t admit it, but they do it.  Your key suppliers won’t admit it, though they’re probably at it too.  So too are your important customers, here and overseas, not to mention those foreign manufacturers whose products you may represent.

So, what is this fiendish activity they’re engaged in without you even knowing?

Simply this: They’re monitoring articles and stories that appear about you and your business in print, broadcast and electronic media.Corporate Image

Thanks to modern monitoring methods, every scrap of information published about you and about your business can come popping up on computer screens across the globe…there for all to read and form impressions from…and print to keep on file for future reference.

Shrewd operators know this.

That’s why they’re careful to manage the flow of news that’s published about their business, their products and their services. That’s why they take a serious interest in what is written about them…and why they’re careful always to present a positive impression.

And that is why the work we do can be so important.

Hall PR works with clients to ensure that the image they project is positive in all regards. That’s our business.

Unlike advertising…it’s our job to take the widest view…to look at every aspect of your business and exploit every opportunity to promote a positive and strong image of your enterprise.

We identify priorities, we set objectives and – working in harmony with clients and under their direction in a managed and determined way – we use all media and means at our disposal, including latest electronic communications methods, to transmit news about your business and its products in a manner that will convey a positive impression to interested audiences and the wider public generally.


Tributes…But No Trophies


PR Company DublinAt Hall PR we are privileged to have received many tributes for the work we do.

Of these, none is more valued than the tribute paid by clients who demonstrate their continuing confidence in us by allowing us to represent them from one year to the next…from one decade to another!

Such recognition is the true reward for work well done.

However, in the matter of trophies, our cupboard is bare. Mindful that no award for public relations is presented for which one is not obliged to make an application…and remembering Groucho Marx who said that he would not want to belong to any club that would accept him as a member…we have no trophies in our cabinet.  Indeed, as a matter of policy, we have never applied for consideration in any award scheme.

No hand cut glass…no crafted gold or silver…no bog oak, fine parchment or marble based creation…nothing other than that invaluable award one gets for putting clients’ business first before one’s own promotion.


Our Promise

Public Relations Agency DublinPublic relations is not a science. There are no proven formulae…no off-the-shelf solutions. In our world, good PR planning calls for fresh thinking across the board.

Clients coming to Hall PR can be assured that each situation will be considered on its merits. Ideas, approaches and proposals will be crafted from the ground floor up.

Cut-and-paste has no place in our business. Carbon copies, me-too and same again are concepts that are foreign to us. That’s a promise!

And, because success in our business often depends on the goodwill and willingness of others to support our plans, that may be the only promise we can make, save for the promise always to be honest in our workmanship and diligent in every aspect of our delivery.


’Don’t Let’s Ask For The Moon (When) We Already Have The Stars’

Hall PR - PR Fees

When thinking of engaging PR support, the first question on many clients’ minds is this: How much will it cost?

By that, they mean: How much will YOU cost?

In PR, a fee should be one high enough to guarantee that the consultancy is rewarded for the work it does and low enough to guarantee that the client will get value for the money that is spent.

In real terms, there is no such thing as a PR fee. Instead, there can be a proposal based on an estimate of where the following calculations meet:

One, there is the fee that covers the time one spends doing the work required. This may be a once-off project payment or a month-by-month amount applicable in those circumstances where the requirement is on-going. Generally, that fee is based on an estimate (made in advance) of the amount of time one might reasonably expect to spend doing the work. Like any estimate, it is an approximation.

Two, there is the fee that the job is worth. Remembering that one might work for an hour or two and deliver a result worth hundreds of thousands…or toil for weeks and deliver a result of lesser value….it is impossible to calculate that fee with any certainty. It too is (made in advance) based on an imaginary return which one might reasonably expect to deliver according to one’s experience. Like any estimate, it too is an approximation.

Three, there is the fee that the client can afford and is prepared to pay. In the final analysis, this is the fee that really counts. Naturally, one must factor in elements to cover ‘one’ and ‘two’ above…but is a wise firm that keeps this in mind when pitching for business.

When all the numbers are crunched…and tots totted…it is a wise PR firm that keeps its ambitions in check. As actress Bette Davis said to Paul Henreid in the closing line of the film ‘Now, Voyager…’Don’t Let’s Ask For The Moon (When) We Already Have The Stars’.

Now is the time…to focus on the benefits PR can bring.

Benefits of Public RelationsMore than ever, now is the time when business leaders should focus on the many valuable benefits that PR can bring.

Across a wide spectrum of business scenarios, PR brings value to the table in a way few other disciplines can.

Through good planning, PR supports business by building goodwill, attracting new customers and opening new markets.

It supports companies when introducing new products, by promoting new features and services, by supporting brand marketing and promotional campaigns, extracting value from sponsorships and managing events.

By working to build and promote corporate reputation, PR supports business in attracting top personnel, in securing financial backing, by communicating operational information, by managing communications at times of industrial strife, by handling crisis and in building better media relations.

In special circumstances, PR helps foster corporate social responsibility, writes corporate and public affairs strategies and promotes corporate reputation in numerous areas affecting corporate wellbeing.

Issues relating to product and service quality, investment, energy and environmental responsibility, employee relations, operational standards and procedures, safety and training are amongst those that fall within the scope of PR investigation and action.

To explore these matters further…please call us on 01-6609377 and bring new thinking to the challenges and opportunities that face you in your business.


Crisis? What crisis?

Crisis ManagementCrisis? What crisis?

You’re happy. Your business is going well. Everything’s rosy in the garden and you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Hold it! Let’s play that one again. You’re happy? Your business is going well? Everything in the garden is rosy? You’ve got nothing to worry about?

But, Señor Cucumber Grower…hasn’t anyone spoken to you about E. coli?

That’s what happens when a crisis hits!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, crisis can arrive…uninvited, unannounced and unwelcomed.

And with it comes a knock on your door from a man with paper and pen…a man accompanied by countless colleagues…all armed with recorders and cameras…who start asking questions to which they want answers…as they transmit news of you and your business to the furthest points on the globe.

Are you ready for that knock on the door? Is your business ready for that knock on the door?

Have you considered the circumstances that might cause them to call? Have you thought of the questions that might be put to you? Have you composed any of the answers you might want to give?

If your answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’…congratulations on being a forward-thinking business person. But, if your answer is ‘no’…don’t waste any more time. Prepare yourself!

Crisis comes when you least expect it. Handling it can be one of the toughest challenges that management will face.

Having PR support is vital. You’ll need it in helping you to determine where the risks exist…in helping you devise a plan to manage crisis if it happens…and in helping you to deal with the spotlight that the media will focus on you.

And if you want to know where these thoughts come from…visit us at Hall Public Relations.


How can I find a good PR person?

How can I find a good PR person?How can I find a good PR person?’

For those of you who use public relations… who hire staff or interview agencies and seek submissions…who make choices and award contracts…this must be one of the hardest questions.

Yet, the answer is quite simple:

In choosing a good PR person, you must seek out the one who can cry at sad movies!

A person who can cry at sad movies is one who has the ability to think outside themselves…who has empathy and compassion…who can understand the thoughts and emotions of others…who can reach into their hearts and minds…and craft ideas, policies and proposals that are believable and likely to succeed.

Find that person and all you need do is satisfy yourself that he/she has the experience and stature to argue in support of their recommendations…and the skill and ability to carry them through to fruition.

It’s that simple!

We’ve been crying at sad movies ever since Shane freed homesteader Joe Starrett from the tyranny of cattle baron Rufus Ryker and his hired gunslinger Jack Wilson.

And, like many before us, we’ve been wiping the tears ever since Ilsa Lund dumped Rick Blaine on a rain-swept platform in Paris.

At Hall PR…we say ‘Yes, We Can’

At Hall PR...we say ‘Yes, We Can’At Hall PR, we speak the language of public relations. And if that language requires us to use French, German or Spanish…we say ‘Oui, nous pouvons’…or ‘Ja, wir können’ or ‘Sí, podemos’ as the case may be.

Within our team, we have the fluency to initiate contacts, respond to enquiries, have conversations, give interviews, prepare press texts and information, interpret meanings and make our clients’ business understood in each of these leading European languages.

Can we? Yes, we can!

It’s a facility that could be advantageous, especially to those clients working in the export trade.