Culture, Education & Environment

Hall PR - culture, entertainment, education Environmental projects we have handled include the Restoration of the Saloon and Grand Stairhall at Newman House on behalf of University College Dublin and the Restoration of Formal Gardens at Birr Castle – both carried out under the patronage of tobacco manufacturers Gallaher (Dublin) Limited.

Another client has been music recording and film post production specialists Windmill Lane where our input included preparatory work on the development of their TV3 television license application.

So too did we advise the board of Waterford-based radio station WLRFM during the preparation of their broadcasting license application.

With Yamaha, we have worked in the field of classical music performance through their much-acclaimed annual scholarship scheme. In education, we had the distinction of working as consultants to Dublin City University – throughout its latter years as NIHE Dublin and in the early years following its elevation to university status. In this capacity, we had a central role in the development of university corporate affairs and public relations policy – an appointment that was to lead to our chief executive being appointed to the University’s Governing Body by the then Minister for Education.

Another notable appointment falling broadly under this heading was our work on behalf of NSAI – the National Standards Authority of Ireland – relating to the promotion of the ISO2000 quality standards issued to Irish manufacturers and service industries.