Healthcare Public Relations - Hall PRThe ethical considerations that govern the healthcare sector are matters of which we are particularly mindful. The sensitivity that one must employ when designing public relations approaches within the healthcare sector is one that is natural to us.

Our most recent work in this field came through our engagement with one of Ireland’s foremost practitioners in the field of dental health care – a practice specialising in prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, implant and cosmetic dentistry and other advanced oral healthcare procedures.

The requirement was one that called for a review of communications media, methods and procedures coupled with the creation of a plan designed to improve contacts and strengthen relationships with referring dentists and members of the public generally. The objective was to inform audiences in relation to the very expert care that the practice provides using a mix of communications media linked to latest online strategies, all carried out within an ethical framework that embraced those traditional platforms through which expert knowledge is transferred.

Our work has also been seen at the retail healthcare level through a commission to handle projects on behalf of a leading Irish-owned pharmacy chain.