E-PR & Digital Communications

Digital Communications

The rapidly expanding use of social media and online communications is a development that has gripped the world.

As the digital landscape becomes more advanced, more relevant, more influential, more diverse, one can only be advised to have a presence in it in order to avail of the opportunities it presents.

In reaching out to audiences and in interacting with the public, new media channels are alive with possibilities.

We in Hall PR have been engaging with the digital communications process for quite some time. Our staff is skilled in writing E-PR programmes and in utilising new electronic media channels when addressing and seeking the support of audiences.

Though modest in boasting about our achievements, we have an extensive knowledge of the subject and a track record in having worked on some very significant projects. Working alongside leading thinkers in digital communications at Dublin City University, our skills were honed during an intensive, year-long study programme for which we were selected by Enterprise Ireland.

This study has given us a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved and access to some of the finest minds on the subject.

Finally, it should be remembered that these new digital communications channels do not replace more traditional media. On the contrary! They should co-exist and complement each other so much so that, in the future, the key to running a successful public relations campaign will lie in one’s ability to integrate and manage these new channels with those that have served us previously.

That is where we see our contribution being made!