Hall PR – an ‘attentive presence’ in Business and Financial PR

An important aspect of the work we do is in the field of Business and Financial public relations. We represent PLC companies, local subsidiaries of overseas listed companies, successful private companies and their enterprising owners – businesses and individuals whose activities are of genuine interest to financial and business writers.

It’s work we approach in a discreet, confidential and determined way – our obligation being to be a genuine and effective bridge between our clients and that body of writers whose valid interests and genuine information needs must be acknowledged and responded to in a manner consistent with the interests and obligations of those we represent.

It’s work that places great responsibility upon us, as this picture of Hall PR director, Don Hall, maintaining an attentive presence at a recent client AGM briefing shows.

There is the responsibility to be sound in the advice, guidance and support we provide. There is the requirement to be sure-footed when managing client interaction with media. There is the obligation to be careful when choosing words and crafting statements.

In all of these, there is the advice that we be mindful always of regulatory requirements and of the truism that words and statements, once transmitted, can have a profound and influential impact.