Public Relations

Public Relations IrelandHere at Hall PR we believe that public relations is a process of utmost importance to any and every organisation that has a stake in how its image is portrayed in the public arena and in how it is perceived by those influential audiences upon whose support it depends for the smooth functioning and success of its business.

Proof of its importance can be seen in the extent to which government departments, offices of state, large corporations, businesses and the professions, trade unions, NGOs, charitable groups. educational bodies and others have become major users.

In practical terms, our clients choose Hall PR to advise and manage communications between their organisation and its individual and separate publics. In this role, our job is to improve understanding between our clients and their key audiences and to do so in a manner that will build image, enhance reputation and create conditions in which their enterprises can prosper and conduct their business even more effectively.

Within this wide sweep of interests, one has engaged in general corporate image campaigns, business and financial, industrial relations and product promotion programmes focusing on as diverse as customers, agents and main dealers, investors, media, state bodies, legislators and regulatory authorities, employees, local councils and communities and such others individuals and groupings as may be identified, including the general public. Though separate from the advertising and marketing function generally, another of our tasks is to create the conditions in which the marketing/sales functions can be even more effective.

We in Hall PR provide a discreet service to our clients, large and small, assisting them to manage communications with their stakeholders, through growth, renewal and in times of crisis. As one of Ireland’s oldest PR companies, we have experience in helping clients manage their public relations in almost every imaginable scenario.

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