Tributes and Testimonials

Though we would never, ever chase them, or solicit them in any way, when a tribute comes or praise is heaped upon us, we are overcome with a natural feeling of delight and a comforting sense of wellbeing.

Recently, one client expressed her feelings as follows: ‘you guys never promise anything, but you always deliver, over and above’. Expressing it even more succinctly, another wrote: ‘great result…many thanks…outstanding!’

On the media front, journalists have also spoken well about the work we do. One editor wrote: ‘you always come up with the goods when we need info…and the stuff you send through is always worth running!’ Another said: ‘you should bottle your professionalism and put it on the open market – it’s worth a fortune!’

Expressing his appreciation of our support, a motoring editor wrote: ‘from day one, Hall PR has been a great help to me. True professionals, I can understand why you are held in high regard, by journalists and industry people alike’.

Before retiring, a senior news editor from a leading regional newspaper wrote to say farewell, adding: ‘It has always been a pleasure dealing with you, you are definitely one of the best, if not THE best’.

Even though we ‘don’t make promises’, it is truly gratifying to know we have the confidence of those we serve, and those we represent. Thank you, one and all.