Hall PR -  Values

Clients approaching Hall PR for advice can be comforted in knowing that their time will be usefully employed. Here are the reasons why we would recommend ourselves to you:

Creative, Imaginative & Experienced

An ability to be creative and imaginative in devising workable solutions is a key requirement in the shaping of a successful PR campaign. We have those skills. And, being more than 40 years in business with close on 100 man years of experience behind us, we have the expertise to tackle any PR opportunities and problems that arise.

Quality Service

We run a tight ship with the result that our work is handled quickly and efficiently.  We set our own high standards in terms of performance and achievement and, being smaller, we can assure clients that every project is attended to by a senior person and not passed to a novice down the line.

Skilled Workmanship

We take pride in our workmanship, not least in our ability to write and prepare texts for publication and voice delivery. We are professional in all respects, possessing all of the skills required to design effective public relations plans and put them into effect.

Reliable and Sure

When it comes to promoting, projecting and protecting the image and reputation of our clients, we have safe hands. Operationally, we are a company that says what we are going to do and then does what we say we will do. We are astute in our judgment, clever and creative in plotting our course of action and sure-footed when putting it into operation.

Verifiable Results

We achieve excellent results, with few exceptions. Choosing us, you work with a consultancy whose culture is rooted in a determination to achieve its objectives and deliver a verifiable return in terms of value.

Excellent Contacts

We are a company respected by those we represent and by those with whom we have regular dealings. Amongst print and broadcast media, we have excellent contacts across the length and breadth of Ireland. Thankfully, we are well regarded, knowing no journalist or journal that would not accept our call.

Loyal to our Clients

We are loyal to our clients, never abusing the loyalty they show to us. We are confidential in our dealings, remembering always to safeguard client confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest.

Ethical and Proper

Our company enjoys an unblemished record in all respects. We work by the book. Clients who engage us can be sure that we will represent them in a way that any reputable organisation would wish to be represented.


We know of no client, no service provider, no media contact or other intermediary who would not recommend us, if invited.


Being a compact, tightly managed business, our fee needs are less than those of larger agencies. Our charges don’t burn holes in client budgets. Equally relevant is our ability to exceed expectations by always delivering value for money in terms of the results we get.