Time to ditch the Mission Statement?

For many years, the Mission Statement has been part of the corporate communications toolbox.

Managers have been wedded to it, seeing it as a short, simple, easy-to-read composition that would magically portray an organisation as responsible, caring and committed, with determination and resources to serve its various publics to the very highest standards.

Texaco Children’s Art Competition

Texaco Children’s Art Competition

It was a matter of great pride to us that, in week 16/2014, the ‘most read’ story on The Irish Times website was one that we in Hall PR had handled.

The story related to the success achieved by young Mayo student Shania McDonagh in winning top prize in the 60th Texaco Children’s Art Competition with her incredible portrait study – an achievement that has since made her the popular face of Irish art in online media across the globe.

Youth or Experience – You Can’t Buy Both

When choosing a public relations consultancy, one will inevitably run up against that age old choice: Should I opt for youth or go for a firm that has experience?

Looking through a recent Who’s Who in Public Relations supplement published by Business Plus magazine, one was struck by the many fresh young faces whose agencies were profiled and whose opinions were quoted.

Lobbying – No Place For PR

We welcome Government’s plan to legislate for the introduction of a Register of Lobbyists. 

We welcome it – not for the benefit Government believes it may bring – but for the fact that its introduction may well encourage PR firms to turn their backs on this trade as a means of earning fee income.