Founded in 1973, Hall PR has the distinction of being the second longest-serving public relations company in Ireland amongst those still in practice. 
Our clients are amongst Ireland’s and the world’s leading companies and biggest brands - a diverse range of national and international enterprises, each one a household name.
We are a fit-for-purpose firm – large enough to handle the big challenges yet small enough to be competitive.
Once described as ‘artisans’ in public relations, our guiding principle has always been to provide clients with sound advice, first-rate workmanship, high performance standards and a valuable return for their money.
Whilst being reserved in promoting our own good name - discretion and confidentiality being core values - our priority is to focus on projecting our clients and pursuing the interests they represent.
On a broader scale, we are in communion with our fellow PR firms in striving to protect the goodwill, reputation and respect upon which our trade depends. 
Though not joined in any structured way, we work in harmony with them in carrying the standard for public relations in Ireland and in helping to shape the good reputation that our trade enjoys. In this, we believe we are an influential force and a good example of excellence.


Choosing a Public Relations consultancy is a task that should not be approached lightly. Better that a prospective client would carefully study a consultancy’s form and learn from the experience of others by referencing its work with one whose opinion you can trust. 

Clients coming to Hall PR can be comforted in knowing that their time will be usefully spent.  Reasons why we recommend ourselves are these:
Creative & Imaginative
An ability to be creative and imaginative when devising workable solutions is an essential requirement when shaping a successful PR campaign. We have those skills. 
Skilled Workmanship
We take pride in our workmanship, being professional in all respects. We possess the skills required to design effective public relations plans and put them into effect, delighting especially in preparing texts for publication and voice delivery. 
Experience that Counts
Being more than 40 years in business, we have the experience and expertise to tackle opportunities and problems that arise.
Quality Standards
We run a tight ship, ensuring that projects are managed at a senior level. Our work is handled quickly, efficiently and effectively - mindful that we must reflect the quality standards clients set for themselves whilst meeting those we set for ourselves.

Reliable & Sure
In promoting and protecting the reputation of our clients, ours are safe hands. Operationally, we say what we are going to do and do what we say we will do. Clever and creative in our planning, we are astute and sure-footed when implementing programmes.
Verifiable Results
Choosing us, you work with a consultancy whose culture is rooted in a determination to achieve its objectives and deliver a verifiable return in terms of value.
Excellent Contacts
Respected by those we represent, and by those with whom we have regular dealings, we have excellent contacts knowing of no media person who would not accept our call.
Loyal & Confidential
We are loyal to clients, never abusing the loyalty they show us. Confidential in our dealings, we remember always to safeguard confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest.
Ethical & Proper
Our company enjoys an unblemished record in all respects. We work by the book. Engaging us, you can be sure we will represent you in a way any reputable body would wish to be represented.
Being a tightly managed business, we don’t burn holes in client budgets. Relevant also is our ability to exceed expectations by delivering value for money in terms of our results.
We know of no client, no service provider, no media contact or other intermediary who would not recommend us, if invited.