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Believing we have a culture, and an approach to the practice of public relations that is somewhat different to others, you’ve come to the right place...and to the right people!

Hall PR is a firm different from many others. We don’t sit around waiting for you to come up with ideas. We get to the core of what needs to be done and we do it. We’re creative, we’re enthusiastic, we’re efficient and effective,  and we’re focused on getting results.
Our difference is evident in the little things:  Like honesty, workmanship and responsibility. Like the importance we place on client satisfaction, and on our determination to get results and deliver value.   
For these and other reasons, we hope you will read our story and decide that ours is the firm best suited to receive and understand your brief. The firm best qualified to serve your needs and deliver your objectives.


Our Services


Public Relations

In matters of public relations, Hall PR should be your preferred choice. Coming to us, you’ll be advised and represented by people with a youthful outlook and a mature knowledge of the public relations business.


Corporate Affairs

Our work in the field of corporate affairs focuses on policy and performance across the broad landscape of corporate activity.                                                                                  


Issues & Crisis Management

Occasionally – often instantly and when least expected – events occur and issues will arise that cast an organisation into the spotlight...              

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Agriculture, Farming, Fisheries & Food

Born into a farming background, we delight in our work in agriculture, farming and food.                                      


Product Launches

A product launch is incomplete without effective PR engagement.  At Hall PR, we support clients in bringing new products to market and by promoting their continuing success.


Corporate & Financial Communications

We do it, and rather well, by all accounts. As one client put it: ‘You guys never promise anything but you always over-deliver’.  


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