Occasionally - often instantly and when least expected – events occur and issues arise that cast an organisation into the spotlight, putting leadership and corporate governance under a microscope. 
We understand issues and we know the critical steps to take.  When they arise and crisis hits - and public interest begins to increase - the defence of corporate reputation becomes an immediate priority – often the only priority.
It’s then that the work Hall PR does comes into play - work far removed for the popular understanding of what it is public relations people do, and far removed from what some might claim to do.  
Faced with media pressure, Hall PR has the experience you need – the sound judgment, safe hands and trusted representation required to guide you through.
Over decades, we have worked at the coalface of crisis and handled many headline issues - work that, in the majority of cases, was in the public arena and can be fully verified, including award-winning recognition of our studies in the field of cyber crisis management.
We welcome enquiries and give clients this advice: check the procedures in place within your business and make appropriate arrangements, mindful that it will be too late to do so when the Barbarians are already at the gate.