To be wholly effective, good PR input must be part and parcel of any new Product Launch or Brand Marketing campaign. At Hall PR, we support clients in bringing new products to market and by promoting their success.
We write the plans that ensure PR plays its part in helping to bring new products to market.  From giant ships to shaving cream and razors, from hefty quarry loaders to luxury cars, cosmetics and designer fashions, Hall PR has the experience, the inventiveness, and the skills required to execute any product launch, service offering or brand marketing campaign.
Knowing that many consumer food lines and hardware products are manufactured overseas, and wholesaled locally through third-party distribution channels, we recognise the additional contribution that PR can make towards promoting confidence in distributors and demonstrating successful performance at all points in the sales and distribution chain.
Day-to-day, we help clients launch new products, build brands and bring news of product lines to public attention. This may see us devise and manage below-the-line promotions, sponsorships and other goodwill initiatives.  
Most importantly, we will enhance the image you project amongst your customers and those whose products you represent. By promoting the products and services you provide, we would support stockists and help increase your goodwill amongst retailers and dealers.