As the digital communications landscape expands and becomes even more pervasive, more influential, more relevant, clients can be advised to have a presence on it, if only to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

The expanding use of online communications and social media are developments that have gripped us all. In reaching out to audiences and in interacting with the public, these new media channels are alive with possibilities.
Hall PR has staff skilled in e-PR and social media, and in utilising online channels to addressing and attracting the interest of audiences.
Working alongside leading thinkers in digital communications at Dublin City University, Hall PR has a comprehensive understanding of the process and access to some of the finest minds on the subject.
Aware that new media do not replace traditional forms, the key to running successful PR campaigns in future will lie in an ability to manage these new channels and integrate them with traditional forms. It is in that enviroment that our contribution will be made.