New Zetor by Pininfarina – farmers are going to love it, dealers are going to love it

Bringing new products to market is something for which we in Hall PR and Hall Agri-Food have an admirable track record – not least those that move on four wheels and are marketed through an importer and dealer-structured sales organisation.

Soon to arrive into Ireland, the new Zetor by Pininfarina will be one of the most attractive and sought-after tractors imaginable.

Designed by the legendary Italian design house Pininfarina – noted for their work with auto makers Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Rolls Royce, to name but a few – the new Zetor by Pininfarina merges eye-catching appeal and ‘desirability’ with the fine engineering, ruggedness and build qualities that have sustained the renowned Czech tractor maker’s performance in world markets throughout its 70 years history.

The talk of Agritechnica when it was first shown there in prototype form, this big, new powerful Zetor oozes eye-appeal.

Set to strengthen the brand’s global prestige and transform Zetor’s position on Irish and world markets, the new Zetor by Pininfarina follows style trends long evident in the motor industry to bring emotion, dynamism and style to what, traditionally, has been a purely functional item of farm machinery.

Its most visual style features are its iconic new front-end bonnet and lights arrangement, its tilting and gradual forward-sloping hood, gracefully shaped side panels, cooling vents and clever use of two-tone paint.

As one industry observer noted: ‘When it arrives here, it will be one of the most stylish tractors on the Irish market – farmers are going to love it, dealers are going to love it.’