Zetor’s Better


As every little boy and more than a few adults could tell you, there are few things better than a tractor when it comes to stirring the emotions of an agricultural community.

For city and country folk alike…farming is deep within our DNA. And nothing personifies farming better than the sight of a tractor working in the field. It’s a truth – where tractors go, prosperity follows.

With their high-tech, high-spec features, Zetor represents a value equation that farmers like. Alongside their distributor and dealers, Hall Agri-Food PR is working bringing the Zetor story to people who know a good deal.

Our task is to harvest all of the goodwill that Zetor has built up since they first arrived here in the 1940s. Thanks to their modern good looks and strong engineering background, Zetor tractors are up with the best as their latest Forterra and Proxima models prove.

That’s just part of the story we’ll be telling!