It’s In The Net

Hall Agri-Food PR is in conversation with fishermen and trawler owners in the south west exploring how best to improve communications to the betterment of all concerned.

Of primary interest to them – especially those in remote areas which so rely heavily on the fishing industry to generate revenue and employment locally – is the matter of quotas generally, and the impact that regulations are having on the sector.

Not short of experienced voices willing to push the industry’s case, it is felt that an even more coordinated approach could be more effective in pressing home the industry’s case.

This is especially true for audiences not directly reliant upon the fishing industry whose understanding is vital if one is to garner wider support for the concerns being expressed by it.

In that regard, it is to be imagined that the Irish people would be willing to be even more supportive of an industry that is at the very heart of what an island community is, and should continue to be. Therein lies the PR challenge.