There’s no such thing as bad publicity

How often have you heard that old chestnut? Yet, how often have you seen people behaving just as if it’s true?

Of course, there may be no such thing as bad publicity if one is an aspiring starlet, someone with a lot of space going on between the ears, or some kind of ‘himbo’, overloaded with attitude and overdosed with a sense of self-importance.

But if one is a serious kind of individual, one keen to craft and protect a serious reputation, you’d be foolish to think that bad publicity, even doubtful publicity, will help you get there.

One doesn’t have to point fingers or name names to identify those who know only too well that there is such a thing as bad publicity. In the music world alone, there are ‘two little boys’ and more whose records are no longer played. Yes, like a bolt from the blue, bad publicity can arrive on the doorstep. And, it will arrive generally when it’s least expected. 

So, be careful. Take advice – stay away from people and places that could get you into trouble. Walk around cameras and be aware – remember that a snap shot that puts you in the picture could link you to a situation that you’d rather not be part of.

The same applies to comment. Resist temptation to voice your opinion when it isn’t sought. Too many people have been caught saying things they later regret when, if they had paused and thought it through, they would have known that the world could have got by without having to hear what it was they said.

Yes, there is such thing as bad publicity. 

And, should you find yourself in a situation that you know could embroil you in bad publicity, do something about it and do it now. Don’t wait for the clouds to burst. By then, it will be too late!