Hall PR : A Space Odyssey

In the field of PR practice, Hall PR moves faster, travels greater distance and hits higher heights than one might think is possible.

Giving meaning to this devilishly fascinating claim is the work we’ve done for Captec, the Malahide-based software specialists.

In media headlines currently is the ESA’s probe Rosetta launched from French Guiana in 2004. Now, ten years on, it nears its destination some 400 million kilometers away in space.

Travelling at speeds of 55,000kph, Rosetta is destined to rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at a point between Jupiter and Mars. There, it is hoped, she will collect data containing vital clues to the origin of life on Earth.

Ten years ago, at the time their work had been completed, Captec’s role in helping to bring the Rosetta project to reality was spoken about in interviews arranged by Hall PR.

This work saw them develop software that would facilitate communication between the Rosetta orbiter and lander as well as double-checking the craft’s computer guidance system.

Along its long and lonely journey, the thoughts of Hall PR have travelled with it, reminding one that in the world of public relations, nothing is ever done until it’s finished!