Seeing Inis Oírr as ‘a paradise island’ for Zetor tractors

It was a weekend trip to Inis Oírr that set the ball rolling. Arriving off the ferry, Hall PR’s Don Hall was amazed to discover the number of Zetor tractors he met driving along the island’s roads.

Ranging from nearly-new to ageing, he saw only one that was not a Zetor…and that one was parked beside a Zetor!

When he enquired how many Zetors were on the island, a local jarvey pondered and replied ‘about 50.’

As PR consultants to the Czech tractor maker, Hall fastened on to an idea: That a story should be written for publication in an international Zetor magazine that circulates around the world in every market in which their tractors are sold.

It was an idea that promised benefit, both for Zetor and for Inis Oírr – a story that would interest an international readership, one in which Inis Oírr would be described as ‘a paradise island’ for Zetor tractors.

Once published, local radio station Galway Bay FM took up the story in a broadcast that focused on the many reasons why Zetor is so popular amongst the island community.

Their broadcast included a contribution by the island’s Co-op representative who was quick to spot the potential tourism benefit that could flow from the story.

Referring to the many bird spotters and fans of comedy series ‘Father Ted’ who journey there each Summer, he observed that soon they may be joined by another ardent fan base…tractor spotters, of whom the world has plenty.