We were there….

It doesn’t require a devilishly clever PR mind to notice that trucks and vans carry more than the goods they have on board.

The devilishly clever bit is a) to link a client interest – in this case, Mercedes-Benz and their Vito van – to b) a story that recognises the extent to which vehicle livery has become the distinguishing face of business in Ireland in c) a manner that pays tribute to the foresight, vision and depth of artistic appreciation shown by the company whose livery is captured in our picture.

In a landscape of high-visibility vehicle liveries, surely one the most iconic of them all is the one employed by Cork-based refrigeration specialists, Cross Refrigeration.

Over 40 years since it was conceived, its royal blue, white and turquoise colour combination has made it an instantly identifiable calling card, often seen outside supermarkets, hotels and other businesses where refrigeration is installed.

Created in the early-1970s by the late designer Rex McDonnell – an artist with the O’Kennedy Brindley advertising agency – the design has stood the test of time and now ranks alongside all of the other liveries with which we are familiar – liveries like those of FedEx, DHL and Coca Cola, to name but some.

How do we know this history? Because we were there when Rex produced his memorable design!